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E23 car GPS navigation road sign
  • 征路者E23汽车GPS导航仪
ProductName:E23 car GPS navigation road sign
ProType:Navigator The Benz original plant GPS chip, positioning faster and more stable
Support for true 3D 3D navigation map
Through the 3G morning can achieve precise positioning of the riders, dynamic navigation
The only scan in the technology industry, 1080P HD screen
Don''t blink, more clearly
Support lossless music playback, eliminating the purchase cost of CD

Function overview:
Optional Beidou /GPS dual-mode positioning, support GSM/GPRS or CDMA network, with a tachograph function, by the Ministry of transport and transportation industry standard JT/T 794-2011 "certification standard" road transport vehicle satellite positioning system vehicle terminal technology, in strict accordance with the JT/T 808-2011 "road transport vehicle satellite positioning system vehicle terminal communication protocol and data format of" production, application in the two off a dangerous industry / city bus industry / logistics / taxi / industry / concrete in long-distance passenger transport industry / mechanical engineering industry / construction industry etc..
Standard function:
A, vehicle positioning
Name: the owner needs to understand the real-time position of the vehicle, named after the vehicle will automatically report the current position.
Timing control: vehicle terminal management personnel in accordance with the set time, automatically reporting position information to the monitoring center.
Blind bubao: vehicles to the wireless signal blind area, automatically stored location data, when the wireless signal is restored automatically to upload location information center.
The latest valid location: in the last position into the satellite positioning signal before the blind.
Two, vehicle control
Intelligent control circuit, forced mode: built-in power cut-off relay, the received power cut-off instruction after the vehicle terminal, automatically cut off the fuel signal
Remote oil recovery circuit: vehicle terminal after receiving the instruction, the oil circuit recovery vehicle.
Monitor function: when the vehicle is abnormal, the monitoring center can set the monitor service number, issued by the monitoring command, remote monitoring function.
Three, accident prevention and alarm
Overspeed alarm: vehicle management personnel more than the set speed, vehicle terminal will be automatically reported to the center of overspeed alarm
Fatigue driving alarm: long-distance driving driver continuous driving time more than management personnel after a specified period of time, the vehicle terminal automatically report to police at fatigue driving
In / into / out of bounds: vehicle alarm user prohibited from entering the area, the vehicle terminal will automatically alarm to the center.
Alarm: overtime parking vehicles on the way, if the parking time exceeds the stipulated time management, vehicle terminal automatic reporting an alarm to the monitoring center
Emergency alarm: when the user is in an emergency (such as: robbery or need help) press the alarm button, the alarm indicator lights, emergency alarm information center reported immediately
Illegal door alarm: the vehicle after fortification, not disarm, directly to the door, the monitoring center will receive illegal door alarm
Illegal vehicle start alarm: after fortification, not disarm, direct ignition, the monitoring center will receive illegal start alarm
Illegal mobile alarm: the vehicle after fortification, not disarm, mobile alarm
The power failure alarm: vehicle external power supply is cut off after the alarm
Four, mileage statistics
Automatic statistics of vehicle mileage, mileage data will not be lost out of power.
Five, remote maintenance function
The remote terminal (terminal information query model; software version number; function code; time serial number), support remote upgrade firmware program host, support SMS SMS settings.

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